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.. off off off off [27 Dec 2004|09:58pm]
[ mood | full full ]


Dedicated to Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries affected by the tsunami.


Thank you heuteistmeintag for the nice orange tree. Ha ha.. It was really nice of you. :)))) Arrived last week.



It was a number 3 but I just dont remember.


I am supposed to work tomorrow. I hate mornings. Im listening to a song where they are rapping in turkish. or is it japanese ? or chinese ? weird. the movie is better. Bruce Lee. 8)

I should end now


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Women’s Liberation-Iran [21 Dec 2004|11:41am]
Please sign this:


.. and pass it on.

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Pee [20 Dec 2004|07:41pm]
[ mood | .. I have no idea how I feel ]

1. Last December my life was a little hell. This year it is better. Getting back flashes though.

2. Im dreaming weired dreams. Telling stories in my head. Funny ones. Never learning how they end though. Sadly.

3. I have a bruise on my knee and some wounds after nails on my back. I have no memory how they got there.

take care



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Pieces missing everywhere [16 Dec 2004|10:35pm]
[ mood | . . . . . . . . . . ]


"Du längtar efter nånting, men

du vet inte vad

du längtar efter nånting desperat

du vill hem, du vill tillbaks

men du har glömt var nånstans

det var

det har också jag"

~ Thåström ~

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LON LON LON DON [09 Dec 2004|12:30am]
[ mood | jump jump jump off ]

..... smells like India in here.

I should clean.


1) A couple I thought should keep together for the rest of their life split up last week. Thats sad.. but shit happens I guess.

2) I was in UK so I missed the hole thing.. was out after work.. noticed someone was drinking a little too much and joking a little too loud.. hmm.. and eh.. yup. figured out why :´(


LONDONCollapse )

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I saw him smile [16 Nov 2004|12:28am]
[ mood | cold ]

"Reality is something you rise above"

Good Night


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They're stepping on our hearts [07 Nov 2004|09:50pm]
[ mood | fuck fuck fuck fuck ]

I can smell the sweet suer sauce from my fries chicken meal. 5 hours ago.. makes me hungry and slightly depressed because I still havnt cleaned up...

regular sunday

LOK - Skrubbsår

När det är slut på mitt liv och jag ligger på min dödsbädd
När jag ligger på min dödsbädd då kan du komma hit
Då skall jag lyssna som ett svin på dig, din jävla subba

När det är slut på mitt liv
När jag ligger på min dödsbädd
Då kan du komma hit
Då skall jag lyssna på din klagosång
Men just nu ska du inte titta hit

Det var en vänlig blöt höstdag, ovetandes om allt som var
Var jag glad, för jag visste vad jag sa och det jag sa ja det var jävligt bra
Steg upp som en lärka...
..För att bli skjuten i bitar utan att någonting märka
Tänk dig en flygfärd, underbart och soligt
Vindar som lyfter, klyschor blir roligt
Tinfint, småfint, storfint - jättefint
Man är i form och fin fas
Hela registret, allt du kan komma på
I synonymer till fantastiskt, ja det var vad jag var då
Men jag kom ner med en duns, jag fick skrubbsår i skrevet
Det skall du få höra hela livet

När det är slut på mitt liv
När jag ligger på min dödsbädd
Då kan du komma hit
Då skall jag lyssna på din klagosång
Men just nu hör jag bara skit

När det är slut på mitt liv
När jag ligger på min dödsbädd
Då kan du komma hit
Då skall jag lyssna på din klagosång
Men just nu ska du inte titta hit

Som en tapet sitter du fast

När det är slut på mitt liv
När jag ligger på min dödsbädd
Då kan du komma hit
Då skall jag lyssna på din klagosång
Men just nu ska du inte titta hit

När det är slut på mitt liv
När jag ligger på min dödsbädd
Då kan du komma hit
Då skall jag lyssna på din klagosång
Men just nu hör jag bara skit

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[ mood | aaahg feelings from yesterday ]

... maybe it was Bush farting or something... he seam to get it his way.. somehow... and I have no clue how he does it... because JUST LOOK AT HIM (or hear him talk for that matter)... 4 more years with a chimpanzee as leader of the most powerful state in the world... GREAT.. JUST GREAT...

The world is laughing.. and crying for the stupidity of your voting result....

...made this one yesterday..

.... suitable...

A little song I bumped into today..Collapse )

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Slashing ?nail? with my tongue [31 Oct 2004|10:59pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

.. today was mess

1. Woke up late.
2. My subway ticket had gone out so I needed a new for 600 kr.
3. Something was wrong with my cash card so I couldnt get any money out.
4. My cell phone fucked up.

..and I had 40 min to get from one part of town to the other part.


...luckily for me I got someone driving me...

..... didnt solve my money problem though.. bleh


I just found some Zombina and the Skeletones files.. will take a while to download though. 45 - 60 people in line.

...am doing laundry til 1 am so I might make it.. hmmm


overall good week.. too short weekend.


I hate sunday evenings.


A new Italian mask present:

Puck - A midsummer nights dreamCollapse )

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WEIRD [25 Oct 2004|10:16pm]
[ mood | japp ]

I should be happy today because I made that exam I have been studying to for an eternity and actually went through with it.

but I dont feel much at all.

bla bla bla bla



Im trying.


but it goes on routine.


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[ mood | hello ]

Dear God.

Can you please make me Lucifer. Im so tired of just being a fallen angel.


....wish I could go into hibernation and stay there til April.


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LUCKY STAR OH OH OH OH NO [17 Oct 2004|11:28pm]
[ mood | blah ]

8ytotkhfdjg gjfriykfukfri,yb dutsw4q64876p780ökh,nv cmnnjgdnx<................ ...................... ............... ............. ..............................................

not sure what to write really.

My friday was terrible. Well.. the last part when I got sick. It was fun at work though. ha ha........... (No boss).

Saturday was ok. But I should have studied more.

The October depression struck me today.

... and next week will not the funniest ever.



also sonic_nation hun... why are you taking your account off ?


SWEDEN YAYCollapse )

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DEAD MAN TALKING [14 Oct 2004|12:03am]
[ mood | hidden ]

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HAIL [10 Oct 2004|11:35pm]
[ mood | ... sad.. sick.. tired ]

.. today was a pretty sucky day.

I got a new arm chair though.

.....feel bad because I threw the old one out. Dont get why I get connected to things... it is just dead material. hm...

Made this.

Pointing toward life in general at the moment.

Greeting to Kyna.

Never had a chance to send it.

The text disappeared almost so I played some with it to make it more visible.

8)Collapse )

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CAFFEINE [06 Oct 2004|12:26am]
[ mood | bla ha ha ]

I was supposed to analyse some cola light today but it went to hell.


Look what I did:

ha ha..


I should go to bed now.

nighty night


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FLUE FLUE NOTHING TO DO [28 Sep 2004|10:44am]
[ mood | ... getting better ]

.. agrr.. second day home from work.. not enjoying it really..

just boring.

Im even on aim right now. Only happens very seldom. Ha ha



he he


now I feel bad. I like men. <3333

Here are some songs sung by nice guys.


Jens Lekman, Black Cab:


Nikola Sarcevic, Love Trap:


Jose Gonzalez, 4 of him:






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I GOT DEMONS [26 Sep 2004|06:33pm]
[ mood | ... about to sneeze ]






.. be honest


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I DONT LIKE KNOWING I WILL WAKE UP [23 Sep 2004|09:04pm]
[ mood | .. blame ]

... beh



Hey, daddy-o
I don't wanna go down to the basement
There's somethin' down there
I don't wanna go
Hey, Romeo
There's somethin' down there
I don't wanna go down to the basement

Christmas tree thumb.


Go boredom.. Go boredom

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DROP DROP DROP [19 Sep 2004|12:27pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I feel slightly sick today.

It is very gray outside.

Im going to England in November.

Im heating some pasta in the micro.

Today Im going to Eskilstuna.. yay.......

pictures from earlier this week, lots of water, a viking boat head and random.Collapse )

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DÅ RE MI FA SÅ LA TI DÅ [12 Sep 2004|11:02pm]
[ mood | la la ss ös la ]

Thanks for answering the last entry. It was serious. <3



I had a moment today.

I went to Mälaren (lake) and took a bath. It has started to get cold here so the water was freezing. It is a lovely feeling when you get up and your endorphins are rushing through the blood and the cold wind feels warm just because you are so cold yourself.

Then I sat on a cliff and listened to the waves. Just feeling so very alive and close to nature. <3

...... then I went home, ate a cracker and listened to Bob Marley. Ha ha. 8)


Did some photoshopping :)

gosh.. Michael Jackson, (check the nose).

alien and messCollapse )

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